11 Meja yang Unik

Planter Table
Unique table with removable planter that can hold variety of plants.
table01 11 Meja yang Unik

House of Cards Table
Creative table designed by Brazilian architect Mauricio Arruda.
table02 11 Meja yang Unik

iPhone Table
Cool table allows you to control an iPhone with a large touchscreen.
table03 11 Meja yang Unik

Fault Line Table
Oak wood table inspired by the tectonic fault that lies between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate.
table04 11 Meja yang Unik

Loop Table
Unique coffee table inspired by the spiral shape of roller coasters.
table05 11 Meja yang Unik

Nook Table
Coffee table with integrated bookshelf designed by David Pickett.
table06 11 Meja yang Unik

Wine Table
Coffee table where recycled wine bottles are used as table legs.
table07 11 Meja yang Unik

iPad Table
Salsa table features seating for four people along with four iPads.
table08 11 Meja yang Unik

Aquarium Table
Beautiful coffee table comes with large built in aquarium.
table09 11 Meja yang Unik

Library Table
Exhibi table has storage compartments for books and magazines.
table10 11 Meja yang Unik

Triangle Table
Orea coffee table designed by Svilen Gamolov from Bulgari.
table11 11 Meja yang Unik

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